Saturday Share – April 19, 2014

Thank goodness it’s Saturday! Take a look at the great shares that were sent in this week, and remember that you can submit your own to to see it featured here. Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit, and especially those of you who sent in multiple shares. This blog wouldn’t be possible without you. Hope everyone enjoys their Easter weekend. See you again next time.


Crafts & Activities

Penny shared a two fantastic paper plate crafts. The first one a lion that would pair well with any lion or jungle themed Storytime and the second a fox, which could be used with the “What The Fox Says” book.


Dr Seuss Inspired - Easy Fox {Kid Craft}

Fox Paper Plate

View how to make it here:

Paper Plate Lion

View how to make it here :


Lucy shared her Easter  & Earth Day themed crafts she did with the kids at her library this week.

Displaying IMG_20140417_135416.jpg

Easter Bunny


Displaying IMG_20140414_115834.jpg

Easter Egg


Displaying IMG_20140417_131930.jpg

Earth Friend

Jennifer shared two fun crafts with us. First is the Egg Painting activity that her Messy Art Club had the joy of doing. She includes step by step on how the program went, as well as a supplies list (240 eggs were purchased! That’s a lot of eggs.).

Egg Painting

View the blog:

Second she shared her program “Annual Spring Break T-Shirt Party”, which looks like fun for all ages! This is a great way to keep children busy while school is out.

Spring Break T-Shirt Party


Travis shared this information for a fun Earth Day activity: “Go for a nature walk and pick some leaves. The first lesson I learned in botany is that plant identification starts with the different shapes of leaves, all so different, veined and beautiful. These are so much fun to do with the broad end of a broken crayon. I added a little fine detail to mine, while Myla, across from me, added some stars in the sky to hers. This is a very simple craft with a lot of room for creativity. It really celebrates the beauty of nature.”  Below is a picture of the activity Travis did along with the nature walk. I love the simplicity of this, and it could even be used again in the fall.

Displaying leaf rubbing.jpg

Nature Walk Craft

Need book ideas to use with this activity? Take a look here:

I’m sharing the egg paintings that my little helpers & I did at home this weekend. First I did food coloring and water, to paint with eggs for Nivea. This would be cute for a toddler activity if you didn’t want to get messy with paint. For babies I suggest you find a great way to strap down the cup, because I simply taped it, and Nivea tossed the water every where.

Food color painting with Nivea.

Second Kiley painted with paint using plastic eggs, and it went really well. She made some neat designs and looked on Pinterest to find some different ways to use the eggs.

Kiley using eggs and paint.


Storytimes, Outreach & Programs


This week Anne shared her Eggs! Storytime, filled with fun egg related books such as Duck and Goose by Tad Hills. The craft with her program was too cute not to share, take a look at this Humpty Dumpty –


Humpty Dumpty Band-Aid Puzzles

View her blog here:

Keren shares her Egg Storytime as well, that shows the books she used and a very cute egg craft. This book Except If by Jim Averbeck, is shown on her blog which I’ve never seen before but it looks very fun. (I might have to get this book now)


View her blog here:

Chantelle sent in three Storytime shares from the Cockburn Library this week. First is Storytime with Karen, which is themed B for Babies! If the books weren’t already cute enough, the craft really brings some cuteness. Take a look at it –

Picture of completed craft project

Rock A Bye Baby Craft

View this Storytime here:

Second is Pram Jams with Mary, which gives tips on “baby massage”.

View the Storytime here:

Last is Storytime with Jessica which features an ever so fun Dr. Seuss theme. Don’t miss out on this post, it contains books and crafts to go along with.

Pipe Cleaner Glasses

View the Storytime here:

Jennifer also shared 2 Storytimes this week. First up, Kindergarten Outreach: Animal Friends, which consisted of her doing the program for three classes, each with six books.

View the Storytime here:

Last is her Circus Party Storytime, which is a must look at! This program brought in around 300 people with all of its fun activities that are provided. Just looking at it, you can see that this Storytime is screaming FUN all throughout it. Props to you Jennifer and the people who help you put this great program together.

Circus Party!

Check out both the blogs on this at these links:


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