Saturday Share – March 29, 2014

Welcome everyone to our Saturday Share! This has been a very busy week for our group with all the new members that have been added, so our share isn’t quite as big this week. For anyone visiting if you would like to submit a share, simply email me your share, along with your name & a few words about it to Thank you all so very much!



Lucianne Pastorello-Espino shared multiple crafts she made during her programs. Lucianne your hard work of putting all these crafts together, and sharing is much appreciated!

Displaying 1457455_10200505382476907_573130301_n.jpg

Displaying 1526193_10200492129745597_1067910438_n.jpg

Displaying 1606924_10200549313015143_1508875351_n.jpg

Displaying 1620547_10200557560381322_1175454417_n.jpg

Displaying 1891249_10200686368801452_599869072_n.jpg

Take a look at this Egyptian art project that includes a craft, and related book that we found online at:

 A Golden Glittery Egyptian Inspired Kids Art Project (#Sponsored by #SwifferatTarget) at B-Inspired Mama

This Crown of Grass works perfect for any Spring themed Storytime and is sure to be a hit with the younger crowd.

Check the blog out here:

Crown of Grass


Storytimes and Outreach Programs

Anne over at IstyBitsyMom shared her very cute Storytime program.

View it here:

Marge Loch-Wouters shared her most recently blog that she says “talks about tips on convincing reluctant co-workers, director or patrons that taking a break from storytimes really is good!” If you are unsure if you should take a break or not this is a really good resource to use!

View it here:


Book Recommendations 

This section is new to our blog! For anyone who ever has a book they loved, send the title in & it’ll be displayed here for everyone to check it out.

I recommend How To Wash A Woolly Mammoth by Michelle Robinson. I used it in my Storytime this week and both parents and children laughed as we read it. A great addition to any animal themed Storytime.


Thanks for stopping by!

Librarians & staff join us at:

Families join us at:


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