Saturday Share – March 29, 2014

Welcome everyone to our Saturday Share! This has been a very busy week for our group with all the new members that have been added, so our share isn’t quite as big this week. For anyone visiting if you would like to submit a share, simply email me your share, along with your name & a few words about it to hjw2991@gmail.com. Thank you all so very much!



Lucianne Pastorello-Espino shared multiple crafts she made during her programs. Lucianne your hard work of putting all these crafts together, and sharing is much appreciated!

Displaying 1457455_10200505382476907_573130301_n.jpg

Displaying 1526193_10200492129745597_1067910438_n.jpg

Displaying 1606924_10200549313015143_1508875351_n.jpg

Displaying 1620547_10200557560381322_1175454417_n.jpg

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Take a look at this Egyptian art project that includes a craft, and related book that we found online at:


 A Golden Glittery Egyptian Inspired Kids Art Project (#Sponsored by #SwifferatTarget) at B-Inspired Mama

This Crown of Grass works perfect for any Spring themed Storytime and is sure to be a hit with the younger crowd.

Check the blog out here: http://creativeconnectionsforkids.com/2013/07/a-crown-of-grass/

Crown of Grass


Storytimes and Outreach Programs

Anne over at IstyBitsyMom shared her very cute Storytime program.

View it here: http://itsybitsymom.wordpress.com/2014/03/26/chicks-and-ducks-and-bunnies-oh-my/

Marge Loch-Wouters shared her most recently blog that she says “talks about tips on convincing reluctant co-workers, director or patrons that taking a break from storytimes really is good!” If you are unsure if you should take a break or not this is a really good resource to use!

View it here: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#label/Saturday+Shares/145030665e8ad791


Book Recommendations 

This section is new to our blog! For anyone who ever has a book they loved, send the title in & it’ll be displayed here for everyone to check it out.

I recommend How To Wash A Woolly Mammoth by Michelle Robinson. I used it in my Storytime this week and both parents and children laughed as we read it. A great addition to any animal themed Storytime.


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Saturday Share – March 22, 2014

Welcome everyone to our Saturday Share! This week our group hosted a “Crafts on a Budget” contest, so today’s share consist mainly of crafts.  A major thank you to be one of you who participated in this contest! Now drum roll please……Our winner is Jane McManus! Jane won a $25 gift card to Oriental Trading!  For anyone visiting if you would like to submit a share, simply email me your share, along with your name & a few words about it to hjw2991@gmail.com. Thank you all so very much!



MERMAID and NEPTUNE CROWNS 1-2-3  Shared by: Melanie Greenberg

Become a mermaid, neptune or any sea creature you can imagine. Create your own Mermaid or Neptune Crowns. Based on MERMAIDS ON PARADE by Melanie Hope Greenberg / Putnam-Penguin.

You will need these supplies:
8 1/2 ” x 11″ Card stock or paper in colors. Neon is good but optional.
Not all but some: Stickers, markers, crayons, cut paper, pipe cleaners, pom poms, feathers, shells. Glue sticks, Safety Scissors

1) Cut out the back and front of the crowns from paper or card stock. See Template.
2) Staple or glue the front to the back to fit around the head.
3) Decorate!

Don’t forget to look for Melanie’s book!

Displaying mermaidcover.jpg

Anne McKernan shared 101 Story Time Crafts for ages 1 – 6, which not only includes crafts, but great books to along with them.  This collection is perfect for any Story Time go to when you’re just not sure what to do!

101 Story Time Crafts from Anne at LibraryAdventure.com101 Story Time Crafts from Anne at LibraryAdventure.com

101 Story Time Crafts from Anne at LibraryAdventure.com

Jane McManus shares these cute bookmarks that children and adults alike would love.

Jane also shared Reduce, reuse, recycle from the MCLSKids wiki. She said “You just pop a few left-over pieces from past crafts, and let the child create what he desires. I do keep extra eyes, brads, foam shapes, etc. on hand in case MORE is needed to complete a project. “

View it Here: http://mclskids.pbworks.com/w/page/20658188/Craft%20Supplies–Reduce%2C%20Reuse%2C%20Recycle

Travis Sherman shared some great inexpensive art ideas. She said, “I love experimenting with a couple bottles of paint and some weird paint medium.” Take a look at these ideas –

Bubblewrap paintbrush:

Collage: Snake Puppet:


Lucianne Pastorello-Espino shared these cute crafts she made during her programs.

Displaying IMG_20140317_173227.jpgDisplaying IMG_20140310_151520.jpg


Displaying IMG_20140317_123616.jpg

Chantelle McLeod shared a Dr. Seuss craft done recently at her library. The book they read was: “There’s a wocket in my pocket”  She said,” I gave the kids sheets of paper, pulled out all the scraps I had and let them go for it with glue, scissors and crayons. They made some awesome Wockets, some even came up with their own creatures.This craft was a real hit, the only cost was the sheet of paper. The kids had fun making up rhyming names for their creatures.”

Displaying Brent.jpgThis is a ‘Zandpit’ from Brent’s sandpit!

Marcy Zarudny shared this information on coffee filter with clothes pegs butterflies.

Marcy said,”The coffee filters are cheap – a whole package for $1.  Then if you have eye droppers which can be sold new or if you happen to have them around and have washed them out, they are great for this.  Either dip them in watered down paint or water with a touch of food colouring and let them run down the filter which will absorb them.” She then added. “Another idea that I saw and tried it, was easy. Let children use markers all over a filter then either use the eye dropper to drop water on the filter (for a more controlled process) or a SMALL spray bottle which they can spray with our without help on the marker colours to make them run.  Then let dry and put in your clothes peg to make a butterfly.  You can insert a pipe cleaner at top for antennae.”

Lisa Shaia shared “It’s A Tiger” from the Thrive After Three blog. Not only does it provide a fun tiger craft, but also a book to go along with it. Any tiger lover will have fun doing this craft.

View it here: http://thriveafterthree.com/2014/02/28/its-a-tiger/

Its a Tiger Craft Photo


Storytimes and Outreach Programs

Chantelle shared Pram Jam with David, which speaks on the subject of using the potty. This blog post is great for anyone teaching their little one to use the potty.


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Welcome everyone to our Saturday Share! We’re still going strong for our second week in a row! We got some great shares in this week. For anyone visiting if you would like to submit a share, simply email me your share, along with your name & a few words about it to hjw2991@gmail.com. Thank you all so very much, and to those of you visiting I hope you enjoy this week’s shares.



I’m sharing this egg filled painting craft that would be great to do at home or with a small group of kids in the Library. Kids love to be destructive so what better way than to throw eggs and paint at the same time!

View it here :http://www.growingajeweledrose.com/2013/10/paint-filled-eggs-on-canvas.html


Penny Richardson says” Owls seem to be all the rage so here is an owl craft for you all to do.”  This craft makes great use of all those toilet paper and paper towel rolls laying around.

View it here: http://www.papercraftsforchildren.com/2013/05/29/card-roll-owl/


Hip Hop Easter’s on its Way!

Travis Sherman already jumped on the ball and started decorating for Easter, by promoting a passive program through the use of an Easter basket filled with eggs containing rabbit jokes.  The rabbit jokes were found here: http://tweepi.com/blog/2011/04/25-funny-easter-jokes-to-share-on-twitter/

Funny Easter Bunny!

Kids love the minions in Despicable Me and Easter time, so why not put the two together? Check out this cute share that puts both together by making Minion Easter eggs!

View it here: http://athriftymom.com/minions-eggs-how-to-make-minions-eggs-for-easter-minions/

Minions Eggs, How to make Minions Easter Eggs, #Minions, #Eggs, #Easter


Storytime & Outreach Shares –

Chantelle McLeod shared two blog posts from the Cockburn Libraries blog. First, Storytime with Chantelle, which shares the theme S is for Summer! Read through to see which books, songs and crafts she did during this fun Storytime.

View it here: http://kidsatcockburnlibrary.blogspot.com.au/2014/03/storytime-with-chantelle.html

Second, Storytime with Mary, shares a Pajama theme that is sure to make you wish you were in your pajamas listening to these great stories.

View it here: http://kidsatcockburnlibrary.blogspot.com.au/2014/03/pram-jams-with-mary.html

This blog post by Karen Joshi shares how her themed Bedtime Storytime, which includes terrific book choices, and a very cute craft.

View it here: http://intentionalstorytime.wordpress.com/storytime/bedtime/


This great list of why you should go to Storytime was submitted by Anne McKernan. Though really we all know Storytime is amazing and that should be more than enough reason to want to come.


10 Reasons Why You Should Go to Story Time


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Welcome everyone to our Saturday Share! I’m glad that we are able to continue with the shares and I appreciate everyone that took time to share this week. Thank you all so very much, and to those of you visiting I hope you enjoy this week’s shares.



Lucianne shared  Dr. Seuss’s The Sneetches and Yertle the Turtle, that she made.

Displaying 1506581_10200718270478974_1901575518_n.jpgDisplaying 1508524_10200718252038513_1107332229_n.jpg

Penny shared this St. Patrick’s Day craft from: http://www.tutusteaparties.com/2014/02/Pot-of-Gold-Paper-Plate-Craft.html

She said, “I thought it would be a great craft for the upcoming holiday and thought that it could be easily customized

Paper Plate Pot of Gold for St. Patrick's Day


I found this Pete The Cat bag craft  which was too cute not to share. This craft will pair perfectly with any Pete The Cat Book. I found the craft here:  http://www.pre-kpages.com/alliteration-with-pete-the-cat/

Teach Alliteration with Pete the Cat DIY Paper Bag Puppet #preschool #kindergarten



Melanie Hope Greenberg is sharing her FREE monthly coloring sheet.  Make sure you check back for other free coloring sheets.

Rainbow coloring page by childrens book illustrator Melanie Hope Greenberg.




Jennifer Wharton shares the latest project in the Mad Scientist Club. This project would work great with this Summer Reading’s theme.


Jennifer also shares a list of stories with science in them.



Storytime & Outreach Shares 

This blog post by Karen Joshi shares how her four Storytime programs, one in-house and three outreach, went during her community’s ScreenBreak week. Books, songs, and crafts used are included.

View it here: http://intentionalstorytime.wordpress.com/storytime/art/


Chantelle McLeod shared two blog posts from the Cockburn Libraries blog. First, Storytime with Jessica, which shares their Colour Storytime including books used, and an experiment!

View it here: http://kidsatcockburnlibrary.blogspot.com.au/2014/02/storytime-with-jessica.html

Second, Storytime with Karen, shares a bear themed Storytime including books, songs and a bear craft.

View it here: http://kidsatcockburnlibrary.blogspot.com.au/2014/02/storytime-with-karen.html

http://library.cockburn.wa.gov.au/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?SBN= 9781741699920

Robin Rockman did a Moose themed Storytime for her Preschool groups this week. She says, “This went well with my first group, but it was a HUGE hit with my second group. Before we started, I wore my moose ears and the kids loved it and thought it was so funny!” She put up the letters MOOSE on the flannel board to make the connection.

The books she read include: Moose Tracks by Karma Wilson, Looking for a Moose by Phyllis Root, and Duck, Duck, Moose by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen. She added “With Duck, Duck, Moose, I really emphasized the MOOSE with a loud MOOOOOOOOSE.”

The craft included the moose ears as you see her pictured in. Robin said, “The parents primarily had to make it, but the kids had a lot of fun with them after. They would go “MOOOOOSE!” to each other and ask their mom’s to take a picture. They looked so cute and really enjoyed their moose ears!”

Displaying Moose.JPG

 Other songs and flannel activities all related to moose, were included but the highlight was definitely the ears.

Jennifer Wharton shares her Preschool Interactive: Ducks! Storytime blog post; includes books, songs, and activities done during the program.

View it here: http://inshortbusy.blogspot.com/2014/03/preschool-interactive-ducks.html

Anne Bridget McKernan shares her I Can Read! Storytime program that she did during Read Across America and Read Aloud week. This blog post displays the books, songs and activities done during the program.



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